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V-Line Face Slim Lift Up Mask Chin Cheek Slimming Strap Belt Anti-Aging


Size: 60*11.5cm
Brand Name: MAANGE
Type: Anti Wrinkle Mask Strap
False Eyelash Craft: Hand Made
Model Number: V Face Line Belt
Material: cloth
feature1: V Face Line Belt
feature2: Women Slimming Facial Beauty Tool
feature3: Anti Wrinkle Mask Strap Band
Feature: beleza rosto
v line: v line face
Feature4: beauty tools
slimming mask: face slimming mask

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V-Line Face Slim Lift Up Mask Chin Cheek Slimming Strap Belt Anti-Aging

 Growth due to the force of gra vity and age,it is caused by the uneven distribution of collagen within the skin wrinkling, elastic fiber damage continued to shrink and loose skin aging water shortage.

— Add the element germanium This mask to enhance blood circulation,promote metabolism,and clear facial veins,enhance skin elasticity,rebuild skin collagen organization,more tight and detailed facial.Highly elastic material stretching and positioning worn in the face to face more angular,thus achieving easy face-lift, the double effect of preventing sagging and firming facial muscles.

Color: Pink+ Black
Material: Polyester
Length: About 65 cm(Elastic)
Width:About 4.8cm(Min),9.3cm(Max)
Usage :
1. Cleaning your face .
2. Wear it and take off 30~60 minutes later. (Skin will be in a sweat with warm).
3. Cleaning your face again.
(suggest: using 3-4 times a week)
– Washing below 30 degrees Celsius water
– Can not soak in water for long time
– Can not be cleaned with washing machine
– Washing it after using 2-3 times
– After washing, can not wring, hanging in the shade, avoid the sun
– Can not be ironed
1.Reduce wrinkles, prevent aging thin face to face with the three-dimensional pro motion  play a supporting role.
2.One size fit all,suitable for all kinds of face shape.
3.Make your face more slim,more beautiful.
4. improving the masseter, preventing cheek sagging
Package Included:
1 x V Face Slim Strap Band (without facial mask)



V-Line Face Slim Lift Up Mask Chin Cheek Slimming Strap Belt Anti-Aging