Baich Marketing Fidget Spinner – Multi Color

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Key Features
  • Great toy for fidgeters, anxiety, focusing, ADHD, autism, quitting bad habits, staying awake
  • Ideal for people addicted to nail biting, smoking, leg shaking, all type of attention disorder issues
  • Ergonomic curved shape designed for hand comfort, long term usage
  • High-speed hybrid ceramic ball in the center to ensure smooth rotation, consist


Baich Marketing Fidget Spinner – Multi Color

An unofficial report in June about possible lead in these toys may have parents worried,

but don’t clear your home of the spinners just yet. Tamara Rubin,

a lead-poisoning-prevention advocate who is not affiliated with any university or

research institution, home-tested 11 fidget spinners and found unusually high amounts

of lead in two of these. Even so, Rubin’s findings have not been replicated nor peer-reviewed;

and Rubin only tested 11 spinners. You can read more about possible lead in fidget spinners in

this Live Science article.

A bigger concern may be the risk of kids choking on some of the spinner’s small parts. The U.S.

Consumer Product Safety Commission, is looking into reports of children choking on parts that

have popped out of a fidget spinner, said Patty Davis, the CPSC’s acting communications director.

And on Aug. 10, 2017, the CPSC released safety guidelines for fidget spinners, warning that the

toys could be choking hazards and so kids under 3 should not play with them. The CPSC also

said that the toys should not be put in the mouth, regardless of the person’s age.

Here are some tips from the Toy Association for keeping your kids safe while

fidget-spinning: Follow age labels; shop at reputable stories (where you’ll find toys that

passed U.S. testing);follow tips for light-up spinners (make sure the spinner’s battery is locked in the toy);

check for broken parts (which can be a choking hazard).


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