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3 Layer Metalic Suction Shelf

৳ 1,990.00
SCOPE OF APPLICATION: Suitable for Smooth Surface, Such As Tile, Glass, Paint, Stainless Steel , Cement And Latex Wall Paint, Plastic Acrylic Etc. SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Wipe Up Dust,Grease, Moisture On The Surface; Tear Up Back Paper ( Don't Touch The Paste Surface); Keep Balance And Press On The Flexible Sticker, Expel Air From It; Tighten The Nut. Note:
  • Use Immediately After Installation (Load-Bering Capacity its Relatively Weak). Recommend Placing It After Several Hours,So That The Loading Capacity Will Be Stronger.
  • Due To The Strong Adsorption, In Order To Avoid The Cement Paint Wall Spall Off, Don't Repeat Paste.
  • Secondary Installation, Clean Flexible Sticker Surface With Water If The Surface Have Impurities. After The Surface Is Dry , You Can Use It Again.
  • Avoid Sunlight Directly, Service Life Will Reduce If Long-term Use In More Than 60° Surrounding.
  • Don't Install On Dirty, Wet Or Powder Surface.
  • Don't Install On Rough,Uneven,Breakable Surface.
  • Don't Installed On Ceiling Or Upside Down Thing Or Place.
  • Don't Hang Valuable, Breakable Or Dangerous Goods, Don't Overweight Use.

32gb Spy Video Camera Pen

৳ 1,790.00
আপনি কি একজন সাংবাদিক? প্রতিনিয়ত আপনাকে সংগ্রহ করতে হচ্ছে শিহরন জাগানো সংবাদ। আর আপনার এই কাজকে সহজ করতে আমরা নিয়ে এলাম স্পাই ভিডিও ওয়াচ। বাসাবাড়িতে কিংবা অফিস আদালতের বিভিন্ন চান্ছল্যকর তথ্য আপনি এই ওয়াচের মাধ্যমে রেকর্ড করে রাখতে পারবেন।

High quality exclusive Foldable Oven Rack

৳ 1,800.00
High quality exclusive Foldable Oven Rack