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Selfie stick external

৳ 600.00
  • No need to set the timer, just press and shoot
  • Perfect combination for the users taking photo themselves with their iPhones
  • Special design makes it easy to install your mobile phone
  • Fits into your backpack, or jacket pocket
  • Small size easy to carry and operate

Selfie stick internal

৳ 600.00
  • Soft grip device holder safely & securely grasps phone without damaging device
  • Adjustable clasp rotates 180 degrees for the perfect angle shot
  • Ideal companion for recording videos and taking photographs
  • Simply attach the device via the wire and use the button on the handle. The perfect selfie is just a click away.
  • Non-corrosive Stainless Steel
  • Fits all Phones + Quarter Inch Thread for Cameras