feeding choice you make for your baby, be it breastfeeding or bottle feeding

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Classic Nipple 6m-SCF634/27

৳ 480.00
Extra soft silicone teat Our Anti-colic teat is designed for uninterrupted feeding. Air is vented into the bottle and away from the baby’s tummy. The ribbed texture prevents teat collapse and reduces feeding interruptions and discomfort

Clinically proven to reduce colic and discomfort*


Freeflow Orthodontic Pacifier- SCF172/18

৳ 510.00
Orthodontic nipple symmetrically shaped & respects natural development of baby’s palette & teeth Let your little one's skin breathe with the Philips Avent Freeflow pacifier. The shield has 6 air holes for extra airflow, designed to reduce skin irritation. Our orthodontic collapsible nipple respects your baby’s natural oral development

Bottle & Nipple Brush-SCF145/06

৳ 515.00
Specially curved brush head and mould handle-tip reach the corners off all types of bottles
Color: Blue

Philips Avent Spout Magic Cup (Drinking)-SCF752/00 (642)

৳ 580.00
Wide shape for comfortable sucking of baby  This Philips AVENT BPA free spout cup SCF752/00 is amazingly spill-proof no matter if it is used at home or out and about, and yet easy to drink from. The spouts with valves also fit the feeding bottles so they become spill proof too

Penguin Slipper (Drinking-SCF 755/05 Blue

৳ 1,392.00 ৳ 930.00
Soft touch rubberized handles. Angled spout for easy drinking Sip, no drip Easy transition from bottle to cup The Philips Avent new BPA free sippy cup features a patent pending valve that guarantees no spill. The bite resistant spout and handles ensures easy drinking for your toddler. Easy for your child, convenient for you.

Chicco Feeding Bottle Well Being 250ml 2m+

৳ 715.00
  • Brand
  • Country of Origin
  • Recommended Age
    0-12 months
  • Model
    250ml 2m+

Chicco Well Being Medium Flow Silicon Nipples 2m+

৳ 420.00
  • Anti Colic Valve – Prevents the swallowing of air, reducing the risk of colic, hiccups and regurgitation
  • Correct Length – Similar to the nipple, the teat stretches to twice its length during sucking
  • Ribbed Rings – Give the teat correct elasticity and texture making it similar to the nipple
  • Large Base – Ensures maximum support to the lips and helps in the sucking action
  • The teat is compatible with Chicco Well Being Feeding Bottles

Chicco Well-Being Fast Flow Nipple 4m+

৳ 420.00
Chicco Nipple Fast Flow 4m+ Advanced anti-colic system Easy feeding BPA free

Chicco Well Being Feeding Bottle 250ML

৳ 715.00

Chicco Baby Feeding Bottle 250Ml


.* BPA FREE*Europe's Largest Baby Brand*Well Being Range*Anti-Colic  

Chicco Wellbeing Feeding Bottle 150 Ml

৳ 690.00
0m+ Italy Multicolor
  • Type: Feeding Bottle::Milk Bottle
  • Capacity: 150 ml
  • For Feeding
  • Color: Blue/Pink/Green

Hello Baby bottle 180ml Blue with handle

৳ 290.00
  1. No artificial colour
  2. Stable and safe material
  3. Heat-proof and friction is much better than PC feeding bottle
  4. lnclude heat-proof and nontoxic anti-colic teat/nipple
  5. Soft and easy sucking
  6. Reduce the milk to be overflowing
  7. Tube prevents air being added to the feed
  8. Smooth milk flow with the extended tube leading air to the bottom of bottle
  9. Shorten feeding time

Hello Baby bottle Pink/Blue 240 ml with handle

৳ 390.00
  1. Bisphenol A-free
  2. Avoid leakage
  3. No clogging
  4. Shorten feeding time
  5. Heat-proof and nontoxic
  6. Reduce the milk to be overflowing
  7. Tube prevents air being added to the feed
  8. Smoothe milk flow with the extended tube leading air to the bottom of bottle
  9. Soft and easy sucking