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Antique Diamond Wedding Rings


Antique Diamond Wedding Rings

For centuries, people have used antique diamond wedding rings to express undying love and gratitude. Imagine:

  • Recent newlyweds just starting to experience married life
  • A wise and mature couple who looks for wedding jewelry as an anniversary present
  • A grandmother passing down a family heirloom to her grandchildren

The tradition of having antique diamond wedding jewelry as the perfect symbol of love dates back to the Renaissance period, when diamond rings were exclusive to royalty. Now, plenty of people include antique diamonds in their jewelry wardrobe and consider them as excellent gifts to give their loved ones.

Here are gabrielny.com jewelry’s top 5 reasons why diamond wedding rings are so coveted and appreciated.

Antique Diamond Wedding Rings Tell a Significant Story

Antique jewelry tells both a personal story of the original owner as well as a historical story of cultural and political influences at the time. For example, Victorian antique engagement rings were inspired by Queen Victoria’s romantic and sentimentality, while Art Deco antique engagement rings were inspired by geometry, symmetry, and new landmarks like the Empire State Building and Golden Gate Bridge. Needless to say each antique diamond ring tells its own story with unconventional design you won’t find in contemporary modern jewelry design.

Antique Diamond Wedding Rings Are Rare

Everyone loves exclusivity! Vintage antique jewelry is extremely rare. Most likely you will end up with a one-of-a-kind antique diamond ring that no one else will have. The novelty of its design will catch people’s attention and have them commenting time and again.

Antique Diamond Wedding Ring Sets Feature Quality Craftsmanship & Design

In most cases antique engagement rings are superior in craftsmanship to contemporary wedding ring sets. The reasons for this are because of higher qualified skilled jewelers and more time spent manufacturing each and every ring. Antique wedding rings also feature intricate techniques, shapes, and motifs that are difficult to manufacture and as such are uncommon in contemporary jewelry pieces.

18K White-Rose Gold Openwork Wide Band Diamond Ring


Antique Diamond Wedding Bands Offer Enhanced Elegance

If you’ve shopped around for a diamond engagement ring for any period of time it may seem like everything is starting to look the same. This isn’t the case with antique engagement rings and wedding rings! You’ll never grow tired of the unique elegance and splendor of each and every ring. You may find an elegant:

  • Three stone antique platinum diamond wedding ring
  • Colored antique yellow diamond wedding ring
  • Antique round diamond wedding ring
  • Antique black diamond wedding ring
  • Antique Tiffany wedding ring
  • Antique gemstone diamond wedding ring

Modern rings and even antique style diamond wedding ring imitations don’t even compare to the real thing.

Antique Diamond Wedding Rings Attract Special Attention

Antique diamond wedding rings have incited a truly remarkable popular interest, especially among the young, in no small part due to the convenience that online antique jewelry stores have provided when it comes to looking for, analyzing and purchasing diamond wedding rings.


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gabrielny.com also offers better shipping and payment options, which in many cases is less than a day, so that our customers can experience the mystic enchantment that antique jewelry pieces possess. And, our return policies guarantee the highest customer satisfaction.