Those who regularly read science fiction novels that could be seen in their hallucination is a white glasses and watching the sea, bewitch. Thus, the pain would not mind the camera to take a picture. Or are you suppose stadium suddenly became a goal before you knew it. wish might think you could see that again. If you have a camera or glasses, then replay the goal would be seen again. Science fiction is that fiction is going to be this time, Google’s welfare.


# Watching a scene? I’d like to take pictures of the scene. Only command without the glasses automatically take pictures.
# Watching a dance show? If you want to record? Instruction will be required to record. Drug addiction can be.
# Looking at the sun, what time do you think? The answer is right in front of your eyes.


# Unrecognizable road? No problem. With the help of Google Maps will show you to your destination on this aladin glasses you.
# How big do you think the bridge? Height or the length or how many? Think think the answer in front of your eyes


# Is to travel abroad? We need to know the local language. Local language translation will be right. With the help of Google Translate glasses will tell you.


# Information you need to know when your flight leave? Excuse me, you do not need to suffer anymore sad face of receptionist. Glasses will tell you to your flight schedule.


So much? It seems incredible to think. Google Now will not really revolution. However, Google is now going to leave it to the market test. So they are not getting it now. However, a petition to get it, you need to Google. The application will be taken until February 7. After reviewing your application, Google will tell you what you can not do much covetous eye of the glasses.


Rules that apply:

If you get it in under 50 words apply to your Google plus or Twitter account. You can upload a 15-second video to the Proxy. 5 Add to petition can. You must be over 18 years old. In short, the application will need to prove that you are able to maximize the use of their testing program glasses.


Writers Saimum Akhtar.

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