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Kolkata Art House, the online art gallery is an authentic source for contemporary Indian paintings, sculptures and photographs. It has brought forth a variety of artwork by various artists across India in their own styles, some are well known, while some are making a name for themselves but each displays a passion and a rare touch of excellence.




The images of the paintings and other artwork displayed on the website are captured digitally. While great care is taken to reproduce the exact colours and forms of the original on the website, there may be variations in the shades and colours. We request the buyer to read the Terms of Sale on the website before making any purchase.


Prices of artwork start from INR 2000. Each artwork is accompanied by an authentication certificate either by the artist or by an acknowledged expert. In case of artwork by an artist who is not living   Kolkata Art House may arrange a Provenance of the artwork instead of an authentication certificate.

If you like any artwork on display, please contact us with the image code.  We shall reply to you with all the details.

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With his boyish crops, tousled tresses and blockbusting glamour, McKnight has become one of the most respected hair stylists in the world

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FIREFOX 46 is the latest stable release of the popular open-source browser. As firefox is a mainstay of many Linux desktop distros, plenty of users will be keen to see how these changes will impact their favorite browser.
As is often the case, a number of the updates apply fixes to edge cases and obscure bugs that most users won’t notice. Nevertheless, these fixes are important. But 46.0 isn’t just about obscure bugs nobody cares about, it also brings a number of security and UI improvements that will be welcome to many GNU/Linux users.
This version of Firefox brings GTK3 integration, which the Linux world has been awaiting for some time. GTK3 is the widget toolkit that powers several popular desktop environments, including GNOME, Cinnamon, LXDE and Mate. Incorporating the same toolkit into the browser means tighter integration and better support for customization.
The change is not just cosmetic either. Older machines sometimes struggle to run multiple UI libraries at the same time, and browsers already are notorious memory hogs. Upgrading to 46.0 could make your browsing experience smoother and faster.
Mozilla has taken a step toward making JavaScript a more secure platform with a significant change to the way memory is allocated by the SpiderMonkey JavaScript compiler. The inner details of memory management are an arcane subject, so I won’t cover that here. Let’s just say that the old way of doing things made it possible for attackers to alter the code stored in memory and then execute their altered code. This would allow them to access data that should remain secure. Today, that attack vector has been closed, thanks to the work of Mozilla developer  Jandem.
Other improvements include a fix for screen readers, which are used by people who have problems reading the text on the screen. This includes partially sighted and blind users. Screen readers can have problems making sense of the text and images on the screen, especially when the underlying Document Object Model is complex.
Another improvement concerns Web RTC (real-time communications), a Web interface for live communications between Web browsers. Web RTC is an essential component of Web applications that interact with the Webcam and microphone. This includes a number of VOIP and video communication apps. These will benefit from the efforts of Mozilla’s developers, who have significantly improved the stability of Web RTC in Firefox.
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Those who regularly read science fiction novels that could be seen in their hallucination is a white glasses and watching the sea, bewitch. Thus, the pain would not mind the camera to take a picture. Or are you suppose stadium suddenly became a goal before you knew it. wish might think you could see that again. If you have a camera or glasses, then replay the goal would be seen again. Science fiction is that fiction is going to be this time, Google’s welfare.


# Watching a scene? I’d like to take pictures of the scene. Only command without the glasses automatically take pictures.
# Watching a dance show? If you want to record? Instruction will be required to record. Drug addiction can be.
# Looking at the sun, what time do you think? The answer is right in front of your eyes.


# Unrecognizable road? No problem. With the help of Google Maps will show you to your destination on this aladin glasses you.
# How big do you think the bridge? Height or the length or how many? Think think the answer in front of your eyes


# Is to travel abroad? We need to know the local language. Local language translation will be right. With the help of Google Translate glasses will tell you.


# Information you need to know when your flight leave? Excuse me, you do not need to suffer anymore sad face of receptionist. Glasses will tell you to your flight schedule.


So much? It seems incredible to think. Google Now will not really revolution. However, Google is now going to leave it to the market test. So they are not getting it now. However, a petition to get it, you need to Google. The application will be taken until February 7. After reviewing your application, Google will tell you what you can not do much covetous eye of the glasses.


Rules that apply:

If you get it in under 50 words apply to your Google plus or Twitter account. You can upload a 15-second video to the Proxy. 5 Add to petition can. You must be over 18 years old. In short, the application will need to prove that you are able to maximize the use of their testing program glasses.


Writers Saimum Akhtar.

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What special things are there to see in Bangladesh? The reality is that you cannot afford to be ignorant of some of the highly magnificent places without visiting them, which are the signature sites of Bangladesh. Missing those wonderful places would perhaps be somewhat like visiting Paris without enjoying the grandeur of Eiffel Tower. Here are the top 10 magnificent places to visit in Bangladesh:


1. Cox’s Bazar:

The seaside town Cox’s Bazar is located in Chittagong Division. Also known as Panowa, it has the longest (125 kilometers) natural and sandy sea-beach. ‘Panowa’ literally means ‘yellow flower’. Cox’s Bazar is the district headquarter.

Cox’s Bazar is considered as one of the most widely visited tourist destinations in Bangladesh. The huge Buddhist monastery named Aggmeda Khyang is one of the top tourist attractions here. Ramu is a village where the Buddhist population resides. Cox’s Bazar is well known for its homemade cigars and handicrafts. Also the first safari park of Bangladesh, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park is about 50 kilometers away from Cox’s Bazar Town.


2. Saint Martin

Image Courtesy :

The only coral island of Bangladesh, Saint Martin’s Island is quite small and it embraces about 8 square kilometers of the land area. Located close to Chhera Island, it was first named as Zajira by some unknown Arabian sailors.

The present name ‘Saint Martin’s Island’ came into existence during the rule of British. Sunrise and sunset, exotic village life, sea turtle hatchery, coral rocks, and plentiful stars at night are some most cherished attractions here. Fishing, oceanic scuba diving, and walk by the sea beach are some fascinating activities here.


3. Kuakata

Image Curtsey:

Kuakata is located in the southern part of Bangladesh. The panoramic view of the sea beach and the beautiful tourist attractions in and round Kuakata makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bangladesh.

The sunset and sunrise can be seen in their full splendor from the wide sandy beach of Kuakata. Fatrar Chor (part of Sundarban), Gangamati Reserved Forest, Jhau Bon (forest), Keranipara Seema Temple, Misripara Buddhist Temple, and Eco Park are very popular among both domestic and foreign tourists.


4. Sundarban

Image Courtesy :

Sundarbans, literally meaning ‘beautiful forest’ is known all over the world for the tidal halophytic mangrove forest. Several documentary films have been made on this exotic forest.

Sundarban is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The major part of it is in Bangladesh; some part of it also comes under Indian Territory. Densely covered with forest, it is considered to be one of the largest reserves that protect Royal Bengal Tiger. Captivating flora, and fauna like avifauna, aqua-fauna, predators, and reptiles add beauty to the charm of Sundarban National Park, Sundarbans West Wildlife Sanctuary, Sundarbans South Wildlife Sanctuary, and Sajnakhali Wildlife Sanctuary.


5. Bandarban

Image Courtesy :

Bandarban, literally meaning ‘dam of monkeys’, is a district of Bangladesh in Chittagong Division and Chittagong Hill Tracts. After the Chittagong Hill Tract Insurgency, it emerged as one of the most fascinating tourist attractions of Bangladesh.


The beautiful mountain ranges escalate the natural beauty of the surroundings. The largest Buddhist temple of Bangladesh known as Buddha Dhatu Jadi is situated in Bandarban. Shoilo Propat waterfall at Milanchari; several Buddhist temples like Ujanipara Vihar and Raj Vihar; Chimbuk Hill and Tribal Villages are worth watching. Also the peaks like Nilgiri and Thanchi captivate the eyes of the tourists immensely.


6. Rangamati

Image Courtesy :

Known as the ‘Lake City’ of Bangladesh, Rangamati is full of matchless beauty and is one of the most visited tourist destinations of Bangladesh. It is located about 77 kilometers away from Chittagong.

Buses, taxis, and some other private vehicles can be taken from Chittagong to Rangamati. Rangamati Town, Hanging Bridge, Kaptai Lake, and Indigenous Museum are among the notable landmarks and popular tourist destinations of Rangamati. Hotel Sufia International, Hotel Green Castle, Parjaton Motel and Banapura Tourist’s Inn are some favorite hotels for the tourists who visit Rangamati.


7. Chittagong

Image Courtesy :

Chittagong is quite a big town. The largest international seaport in Bangladesh is situated here. Shah Amanat International Airport connects Chittagong to various hot destinations of the world through airways. It functions as a domestic airport too.

Patenga Beach, Foy’s Lake, Shrine of Baizid Bostami, World War II Cemetery, Ethnological Museum, Chittagong Medical College, Court Building, and Kattali Beach are some of the most famous tourist spots in Chittagong. There are several hotels of different categories in Chittagong that cater to the needs of all types of tourists and visitors.


8. Sylhet

Image Courtesy :

Located amidst the picturesque landscape of Surma Valley, Sylhet is such a well-visited and popular tourist destination that no tourist desires to miss a visit. Sylhet is the largest city of Sylhet Division of Bangladesh. It embraces the population of more than 500,000 residents.

The scenic beauties of Tamabil-Jaflong, Kalibari Temple near Jaflong, Sri Mahalaxmi Temple near Sylhet city, the largest tea garden named Sree Mangal, and Lawacherra Rain Forest are really eye-catching in and around Sylhet. The tourists can enjoy shopping at the places like Al Hamra, Blue Water, Millennium, Aarong, Monorom, Artisti, Westecs, and Kumarpara etc. There are several hotels like Hotel Supreme, Hotel Palash, Hotel Western, Hotel Golden City, Hotel Hilltown, and Niravana Inn etc. These hotels cater to the holistic needs of the tourists visiting and staying here.


9. Comilla

Image Courtesy :

A big district in Chittagong Division along the Dhaka-Chittagong Highway, Comilla is a well-known tourist destination in Bangladesh. There are various places in Comilla that fascinate the tourists with many of the attractions there.

Lalmai Hills, Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development, War Cemetery, Maynamoti Museum, Shah Shuja Masque, and Comilla Zoo etc. brings in thousands of domestic and foreign tourists every year. The hotels like Bangla Restora, Nurjahan Hotel, Jur Kanon Hotel, Dina Hotel, and Moynamoti Hotels etc. are some well known and popular hotels.


10. Dhaka

University of Dhaka

Without visiting Dhaka, the visit to Bangladesh is incomplete. Dhaka is the largest and also the capital city of Bangladesh. Dhaka is an economic, academic and cultural hub of Bangladesh. There are more than eighteen million people dwell in Dhaka.

Dhaka is the center of almost everything and every activity in Bangladesh. The National Memorial, Liberation War Museum, National Parliament House, Shahid Minar, Hatir Jheel (Lake), Lalbag Fort, Dharmajika Buddhist Monastery, Pink Palace, Ahsan Manzil, American Church of the Holy Resurrection, Baldha Gardens, Ramna Park, Bangabandhu Memorial Museum, and Maynamati Ruins are some of the hottest tourist spots in Dhaka. Dhaka has so many places to visit that hardly can it be summed up in few words!

Furthermore, being the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka has several five, four and three, star hotels along with innumerable small hotels, guest houses, and restaurants.

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