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Titus east west Meghna. In the midst of vast estates. The name of estates sky. Water glisten in the light of the sun. Sarail haorera gone belly-nasirnagar road cut. This can be seen in the village at the end of the day the sun stood dharanti sarakatite hiding under water. Cox wants another.

Ashwin months are from April wetlands water, juice. All the fatigue life of mechanical and abasadake haorera sky wave could wash. Union is located in the beauty of the paramilitary force Sarail upazila of Cox’s Bazar is one mini dharantike. Every day hundreds of these mini-travel spell dharantira Trisha Cox makes you feel good. Here are the various rituals of Eid overflowing crowd of people.

Was seen at first hand, haorera walk through the streets on both sides of the jam dharantira. Selaphi busy making them, some were busy taking pictures of loved ones.Some of the family road running next to the chat Economy. Many of blocks down the road on foot bhejate haorera water. Some of turning boats. Dear young people were seen busy with the joy of motor cycling.

Haore ocean beaches, but tourists down the sides of the road to fulfill the sbadai.Haorera water everywhere, and everywhere the horizon pair played hide and seek in the sky clouds up mohamaya rainy afternoon. Engine-powered boats, dinghies and enjoy a family tour takes quite line.

The roads were found Tuesday afternoon at five local lawmaker Ziaul Haque Mridha.Haorera of activists in the air, he said jurate Ga.


He says, in addition to the rainy summer, the wetlands that stretched across the green samiyana raw rice. A few days later, a whole bunch of ripe golden rice contains an amazing beauty. In fact, this is his favorite place in the area to fatigue.

However, tourists have complained, seating arrangement, toilet, etc., because of lack of food, they are having problems. They are also suffering extreme rain. They regretted the lack of boats and speedboats as well. The House is surrounded by spectacular place they demanded the construction of the necessary infrastructure.

Nasirnagar children from visiting Jannatul Ferdous said to his village and being around children, came from the lack of provision. Haorera children received much joy to see the waves. ”

Russell came to see Mia dharanti from Dhaka. He said, “There is no artificial. Haorera sky bulk water and air that will touch the heart of anyone. There is hardly a better place to watch the sunset. I think next time I’ll be visiting with his family. ”



Selaphi and chat with family visiting from busy city medda Rubel Mia, who spent the afternoon of our first choice of natural beauty. Heart be filled. In fact, a new vitality can be found here. So think dharantike mini-Cox has been called. However, there will be a better food stalls and seating arrangements.

This year, the HSC examination in Brahmanbaria Sifat, came almost every day around here with his motorcycle. Haorera walk through flowing over the road motor cycling is amazing. At the same time you can feel the joy of flight.

Saudi Arabia Sarail paramilitary force of expatriate Sumon Mia said, “Facebook photos posted by friends when dharanti around, seeing what the mind wants to come here again and again. As a result, during the afternoon of the day went to Cox’s taste. “

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